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Welcome to AI: Next.
Our mission is to share and discover the latest AI tools and news to help make you a more productive creator.

Let’s dive in for today’s roundup:

🗞️Headlines du jour

Geoffrey Hinton (foreground) has left Google to speak out on the dangers of AI.

🧰 Tool time

Fina.xyz - Custom Financial Tracking (without the spreadsheets)

TalkBerry - Supercharge your language-speaking skills by talking to AI tutors

BurnerPage - AI automatically optimizes webpage conversion performance

Dive - Supercharge your team meetings with AI

Sessions - Powered by AI Sessions Copilot is a next-level solution for you to handle all things events.

Spoke GPT-4 - AI meetings answers & minutes backed-up by video reels

Subito - Take notes, collaborate and create summaries with AI

Superchat - A delightful AI chat client for your iPhone

DevKit - The essential AI assistant for developers

Permar - Generate optimized landing pages with a simple prompt

zevi - Shopping assistant powered by ChatGPT for e-commerce brands

If you see a tool you think should be featured here, hit reply or tweet me @johnsuder


🐦From the Twitters

Still a way to go for generative video - but Imagine how hilarious these will be in 6 months.

🎨But Is It Art?

Weird AI images found on the interwebs

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