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AI:Next - AI Tools, Resources, News and More for 5/18

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Let’s dive in for today’s roundup:

🗞️Headlines du jour

ChatGPT chief says artificial intelligence should be regulated by a US or global agency
“As this technology advances, we understand that people are anxious about how it could change the way we live. We are too,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said at a Senate hearing.

The AI takeover of Google Search starts now
Google is moving slowly and carefully to make AI happen. Maybe too slowly and too carefully for some people. But if you opt-in, a whole new search experience awaits

AI tools can create new images, but who is the real artist?
While Van Gogh and other long-dead master painters aren’t complaining, some living artists and photographers are starting to fight back against the AI software companies creating images derived from their works.

‘Midjourney China’ launches — then its announcement disappears
In an article posted on the Tencent-owned social platform WeChat late on Monday, a corporate account named “Midjourney China” said it has started accepting applications for beta test users. But the account soon deleted its first and only article on Tuesday.

Sam Altman: OpenAI plans a pro-copyright model for ChatGPT
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said Friday that last week's White House AI summit discussed laws mandating AIs reveal themselves and added that his firm is working on new ChatGPT models that respect copyright.

Samsung is making its own ChatGPT-like AI to avoid company leaks
Samsung recently learned the dangers of using ChatGPT within a corporate environment the hard way. Bits of the company’s sensitive semiconductor-related information leaked through ChatGPT when a few employees tried to use the tool to ease their work, without realizing that the information and blocks of code they were sharing with the generative AI would become a part of ChatGPT and be stored on remote servers outside of Samsung’s grasp.

🧰 Tool time

Adcopy - Create or Rewrite ads in any language that drive more clicks & conversions for your business

Monica - Your ChatGPT-powered AI assistant on all websites

Glasp - Social Web Highlighter. Glasp lets you highlight any text on any website and store it on your clipboard.

Hyperwrite - Your AI assistant for writing Hyperwrite is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you write faster, better and more efficiently.

ChatABC - A better ChatGPT for you & your team. ChatABC is better than ChatGPT because it has team collaboration, a library of prompts, and a never-down service.

Cohesive - End ChatGPT prompt struggles. Create, refine, edit, and publish seamlessly with Cohesive.

Charley.ai - Turn 3 words into 10,000. Provide your topic, and watch as the AI generates an engaging essay up to 15,000 words.

Scriptify - Your AI assistant for scriptwriting. Scriptify uses AI to help writers create, edit, and refine scripts.

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10 ChatGPT mistakes you're making and how to fix them
Since this chatbot is a relatively new AI technology with new techniques to learn, people make many common mistakes with it. If you're struggling to make it work for you, you might also be making some of those mistakes.

OpenAI launches an official ChatGPT app for iOS
ChatGPT is going mobile. Today, OpenAI announced the launch of an official iOS app that allows users to access its popular AI chatbot on the go, months after the App Store was filled with dubious, unofficial services. The new ChatGPT app will be free to use, free from ads, and will allow for voice input, the company says, but will initially be limited to U.S. users at launch.

Github Copilot and ChatGPT alternatives
There are plenty of tools to choose from aside from Copilot and ChatGPT. Here are the most promising ones worth checking out, emphasizing those with self-hosting as an option.

Browsing plugin in ChatGPT: the best use cases
ChatGPT’s browsing plugin fixes a shortcoming that has existed since its release: the outdated information in the training material. Now, ChatGPT can surf the web and perform many new tasks.

We Used GPT4 During a Hackathon. Here’s What We Learned
Over two days, our team collaborated in groups on various topics. By the end of it, we had 12 demos to share with the rest of the team. These ranged from improvements in debugging HTTP request responses to the delightful “automatic swag sharer.”

How to Use MidJourney for FREE: a Proven Way
The sad fact is that you have a limited number of bot requests, and once they are used, you need to buy a subscription. The way I found is how to use MidJourney for free, and this way is both legitimate and straightforward.
[Editors note: I have no idea if this works; I pay for my Midjourney sub:)]

🐦From the Twitters

🎨But Is It Art?

Weird AI images found on the interweb

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