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Welcome to AI: Next.
Our mission is to share and discover the latest AI tools and news to help make you a more productive creator.

Let’s dive in for today’s roundup:

🗞️Headlines du jour

🧰 Tool time

AutoGPT Plugins - Plugins to enhance the functionality of AutoGPT

Monic.ai - Save hours in study time by having your test prep made for you in seconds!

Tldv.io - We take your meeting notes. You run the show.

Guidde.com - Magically create stunning how-to guides with AI

10web.io - Website builder with the power of WordPress and AI
[🏆Editors Choice]

Wudpecker.io - Start the meeting prepared with prebuit templates. End it with high-quality generated notes by ChatGPT.

Tome.app - Meet Tome, your AI storytelling partner for slide presentations

pdf.ai - AI prompt inside any pdf documents

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🐦From the Twitters

🎨But Is It Art?

Weird AI images found on the interweb

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